Animesh Pathak Programmer • Web Developer • Open Source Contributor

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Personal Chatroom


I developed and designed a chatroom using Flask and Bootstrap, hosted on Heroku, to show presence, share work experience in an interactive and visually-appealing format.

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I created a snake for Battlesnake Summer League using Javascript, Battlesnake API and Hosted it on the Heroku. It has all the basic command like avoid wall, avoid other snakes, avoid itself.

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COVID-19 Tracker App

COVID-19 Tracker App

I created a Visualizer for tracking the spread of COVID-19. Using Covidinfo API and POSTMAN services, the website processes the COVID-19 data to create statistical projections through graphs and charts.

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Tango Charlie Browser

TangoCharlie | Custom Web-Browser

A Custom Web-Browser made in C# using CEFSharp framework and MongoDB is being used as Database to save the history, Bookmarks and other user-info.

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My Story

Professional Me

I am a junior in Computer Science at the Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology Bhubaneswar, pursuing an undergraduate degree. I am majoring in Computer Science and System Engineering. I have a passion for learning and sharing my knowledge with others. I love open source. I am not a heavy maintainer of any large libraries, but I really like the boyscout rule. I contribute to things as I come across issues that I think other people might struggle with. I created a community at my locality to enhance other students' skills. I've conducted workshops and talks and I am open to opportunities for the same.